Smart human capital management solution to manage
Employee, Time, Leave & Attendance all together
Real-time and easy-to-use interface to process Payroll Smart human capital management solution to manage
Employee, Time, Leave & Attendance all together
Get valuable hidden insights of human capital in a fraction of a second Streamline travel & expense workflow from travel bookings to accounting

PAcTrack human capital management software empowers HR to manage talent and its retention processes more effectively, thereby enabling HR to focus on increasing the talent pool. PAcTrack HCM is web-based, secure, easy to configure and user friendly application. PAcTrack human capital management software is easily deployable, customizable, and can be easily integrated with other existing systems within the organization or the extended enterprise software.

The term “human capital management” is an approach to employee staffing that perceives people as assets (human capital) whose current value can be measured and whose future value can be enhanced through investment. An organization that supports HCM provides employees with clearly defined and consistently communicated performance expectations. Managers are responsible for rating, rewarding and holding employees accountable for achieving specific business goals, creating innovation and supporting continuous improvement. HCM software streamlines and automates many of the day-to-day record-keeping processes and provides a framework for HR staff to manage benefits administration and payroll, map out succession planning and document such things as personnel actions and compliance with industry and/or government regulations.

PAcTrack HCM brings together employee information management, payroll processing, talent skill management, performance management, project & timesheet management and provide a centralized platform for the new age HR.


The term “Human capital management” represents the entire range of practices and processes for managing people in an organization. To further explain, human capital management refers such as HRMS, payroll, workforce management, expense management, contingent workforce management, employee leave management, complaints management & Tracking, holiday & event management, custom report builder & user friendly dashboard, Employee Portal and other more administrative or transactional parts of managing people


Empowered employees are the most satisfied employees. Our updated employee portal module, also available on the mobile app, helps employees serve their needs better and improves their experience with the organization.

Different information regarding Organizations like events, holidays, notices, special messages, Birthday & Anniversaries, etc will get easily available on Dashboard.

Employees can easily view daily attendance status, apply leave/s and get approved, can generate ticket request to resolve complaints.


Our attendance management module works seamlessly with any type of time tracking hardware like biometric devices, RFID, smart cards, etc.

If you already have the attendance hardware, we will integrate it with PAcTrack and pull all the swipes from the application supplied with your hardware. Experience the huge and effective difference in the way you manage attendance.

This module also allows employees to mark attendance online using the browser, without requiring any hardware based time-tracking devices.


Employee self-service completely shifts the job of applying for leave, approval, cancellation, and comp-off granting to employees and managers. This allows HR to focus on strategic work.

All leave transactions of an employee are tracked and leave balances, automatically updated. Go ahead, it’s time to throw away your leave cards and those messy spreadsheets forever.

The leave policies of your organization are tailored to your specific needs. Our leave management module is highly configurable and flexible to fully implement your policy.


A button click is all it takes to process employee salaries. With that single click, PAcTrack accurately computes salary for all employees including Statutory Deductions (PF/PT/ESI/TDS), loan deductions, stop payments, revisions, loss of pay, pro-rata salary, Income Tax computation- the list goes on. And all this in just a minute!

The biggest strength of our payroll software is its flexibility and power to handle any type of salary structure. We guarantee that your requirements will be perfectly addressed.

You can customize the appearance and content of your salary slips. Generate the payslips and download them for printing. Or, email the pay-slips directly to employees as PDF attachments (with password protection). Even better, publish pay-slips online and employees can view / download the salary slips at their convenience.


This add-on module can be used to manage budget approvals from projects, travel or events. The module also features the capability to track and process reimbursement requests.

Our module allows employees to apply tour plan, fill requisition & claims for those requests on the employee portal which can be approved by management. All stakeholders are connected via system/action triggered emails.

Our module allows to credit your employee’s accounts in advance for tours either in domestic or international currency. The workflows allows to keep a track of the actual expenses and adjust against advances.


Create any kind of PMS like 180 or 360 degree system based on competencies & KRAs weightages for each group & generate bell curve analysis.


Using PAcTrack human capital management software you create client projects, assign employees, plan tasks, monitor their timesheets & work out project profit abilities.

  • Provides a platform for better business-to-employee communication thereby paving the way for a transparent, positive and high performance work culture
  • Aids in aligning individual goals to organizational goals, and provides a platform to quickly agree on views and actions
  • Supports informed decision making through analytics and reporting tools that allow the Business Leaders and Managers to review performance and other metrics related to human capital
  • Gives all employees a single window web based portal for all their HR processes, reducing time spent on administrative activities and significantly enhancing individual and corporate productivity
  • Relegates administrative efficiencies to the machines and creates a more strategy focused HR Department
  • Consolidates all employee information in one central repository eliminating the need for multiple employee data files maintained by individuals across the HR department
  • Automates time-and error prone manual processes, achieves considerable reduction in administrative time and costs
  • PacTrack empowers HR leaders to engage and manage the real assets in business: The Employees
  • Lowest TCO amongst comparable systems
  • Web based, easy to use, intuitive interface
  • Automates business to employee administrative and strategic processes
  • Accessible to every employee with self-service features
  • Automates routine HR and employee processes, allows managers and employees to directly access key functional business processes, information and business intelligence/reports
  • Centralized platform maintains/manages HR data
  • Can be integrated with ERPs, etc.
  • Also extended as App