Employee Travel Management

Employee Travel Management software is a seamless solution from planning to reimbursement. It automates travel and business expense reporting, streamline approvals, gain visibility and take control. It allows you to reduce complexity and cost by leveraging a single, global expense management application and minimize administrative work by leveraging workers, roles, organizations and security policies. Employee Travel Management includes Defining Travel Plans and get its approval, create travel requests & Book hotels, tickets, etc. and submit claim & reimbursement.


Travel plan is a module in which Employee/User can submit their travel plans in advance also get approvals in advance. User can submit multiple travel plans for different purposes and different cities. Concerned people within organization are able to know travel plan and its purpose.


Travel Requisition is a module in which User/Employee will submit travel requests regarding Train/Air/Bus booking, Hotel booking, etc. for different types of tours. It is workflow based module in which User will submit request, reporting authority of concerned user will approve that request then concerned travel department will book as per requests and send to user for confirmation. Travel Requisition module will link with another module called Travel Plan. Our Travel Requisition module tracks each stage information with audit trail.


Travel expenses are expenditures that an employee makes while travelling on company business. Company business can include conferences, exhibitions, business meetings, client and customer meetings, job fairs, training sessions, sales calls, etc. Expenses can include lodging, personal car mileage reimbursement, flights, ground transportation, tips to bellhops, meals, and tips to waiters, room service, and other incidental expenses an employee might experience while on the road.

Expenditures that an organization will reimburse are found in the company’s business travel policy. Organizations pay employee travel expenses in these three ways: Company credit cards, Cash & per diem. Employees who travel for business are advised to stay up-to-date on company travel policies and costs covered for reimbursement. Expenses that fall outside of the policies are generally not reimbursed or covered.

Our Travel Expense is a workflow based module. In which User/Employee will submit/upload their claims with proof & each expense claim will be checked as per company’s travel policy. Reporting authority needs to approve the claims and then after finance department will reimburse the final amount. Travel Expense module tracks each claim on each stage with audit trail information

  • Integrated travel booking solution and streamlined submission process
  • Integrated data
  • Automated document management
  • Delegation capabilities
  • Embedded rules engine
  • Integration with finance and accounts payable systems
  • Accessible from a mobile device
  • Workflow management capabilities
  • Automated reimbursements
  • Automated compliance mechanisms
  • Comprehensive reports on travel spending and patterns
  • Real-time snapshots of expenses by department, purpose, and vendor
  • Insight into institution-wide consistency

Many more…