Online Recruitment Management System

Online Recruitment management system is a comprehensive system to manage entire recruitment processes of an organization. ORMS is an open “job portal” where jobseekers can register themselves for vacant positions. It creates a bridge between candidates and employers. This module provides facility for candidate registration and create username and password for future access. Candidates can fill in their application and send it to organization.

ORMS is an automated recruiting process that reduces manual processes and paperwork. With the help of ORMS, HR personnel can hire the best and suitable employees for a job role who prove to be ideal candidates working towards achieving goals and objectives of the organization. Moreover, ORMS offers more transparency and makes hiring a fair and quick process.


Online registration of candidate, secure login access for application form after successful registration.


Candidate application form consists of personal information, educational and professional information, and option for attaching resume, certificates, salary slip, Aadhar card, PAN Card or any other documents.


HR can evaluate candidate applications, shortlist applications from multiple applications and schedule interview from the system. Calendar request will be sent to the candidate for interview.


Interviewer can directly put their comments against each interviewed candidate in the system. All involved persons can see each others’ comments, is more transparent. In absence of interviewer who has taken the interview, other interviewer can give comments on behalf of original interviewer and system maintains track for same. Auto remainder emails are sent at every 24-hour interval to all the interviewer/s if interview comments are not submitted in time. And the system ensures that entire interview process is completed.


Candidates can review progress of their application.
Integration with multiple systems: ORMS can be easily integrated with SAP and other employee management systems. Once candidate joins organization, HR can automatically migrate candidate details to existing employee management system of organization.


HR can search candidate application from the talent pool using various search criteria, like experience, education, college, job profile, etc. and filter application as well.


HR can identify duplicate applications if candidate has applied more than once. HR can also review history of duplicate candidate/application like last application date, status of last application, last application form, etc.

  • Simple sign up with email verification and authentication
  • Screen and evaluate candidate profiles
  • Shortlist candidates for interview
  • Schedule interview online
  • Calendar invitation to candidates for interview
  • Create talent pool
  • Advance search on multiple criteria
  • Identify duplicate applications of same candidate
  • View all scheduled interviews on event calendar
  • Electronic interview process
  • Application status tracking
  • Application download in form of PDF
  • Increased productivity by handling recruitment process online

Many more…