Timesheet and Project Time Tracking

“Single platform to manage projects, resources, timelines and budgets”

Timesheet and Project Time Tracking software has fast become a must-have tool in engineering departments and organizations world-wide. With many engineering projects spanning months, if not years, it is essential to successfully implement Timesheet and Project Time Tracking software which can be used to track timelines, workload and profitability.

Timesheet and Project Time Tracking can help engineering companies save time and money by directly reducing the amount of time you spend on administrative work and follow-ups to get status updates.

PAcTrack Timesheet and Project Time Tracking software can provide real time visibility into project profitability including:

  • Real-time visibility into consumed percentage of labor, equipment and subcontractor services delivered against the original quote and sales order
  • Real-time visibility into all billable, actual and non-billable hours against a project
  • Real-time visibility regarding what’s been delivered and billed, delivered and not billed and yet to be delivered for Services, Equipment and Service contracts
  • Change orders (internal and external) are linked directly to the original sales order tracking any scope or margin changes

Because PAcTrack links all information together in one system, real-time mid project profitability visibility is available to any stakeholder who needs it. This helps management align planned project margins with actual project margins.


Whether you bill clients hourly or on a per project basis, a necessary step of all projects is estimating the time it will take. Not only does the client want to have an idea of how much money they will be spending, but they also need to plan around an estimated timeline. And you need to be able to ensure you have the time and resources necessary to complete the project.

Depending on a number of factors, including how much experience you have with the type of work you’re doing, if you are using subcontractors, and the information you have from the client, estimating the time for a project can be difficult. Here is the process for scoping the time commitment for a new project.

It consists of below sub modules:
Task allocation
We built a Timesheet and Project Time Tracking software driven by the belief that teams perform best when they organize tasks by priority, make best/worst case estimates, and collaborate in one central location. With project management software, your team will work on the right things at the right time. Create, assign, organize and execute tasks with ease. Time and progression are tracked through the project life-cycle.

Resource planning
Efficient resource management needs to encompass much more than just resource allocation. You need to manage and optimize ongoing project portfolios by factoring the cost, time, and effort involved. PAcTrack resource planning module can get you there. Choose PAcTrack project management software for efficient resource allocation and management.

We can help you build high-performance teams that participate, gain awareness, and align themselves to the overall business goal. Map project dependencies across portfolios and ensure efficient utilization of resources to cut costs and complete projects faster.


Activities are functions against which the user can enter time. Hours entered against activities can be viewed in reports, so you can use activities to track time spent on non-billable work functions.

Activities can be used either alone or in conjunction with projects and tasks. That is, you can allow a user to enter time against both an activity and a task.

In systems that track time against projects, activities can be used for functions that are common to multiple projects.

For example, if a company carries out budgeting, design, and testing for all internal projects, they could choose to make each of these functions an activity. These activities would be available for each project, without project managers having to create a task for each, under each project.


Project Time Consumption Tracking is ideally suited for companies who need to track time to improve personal and team productivity and to monitor projects while work is being done. Employees simply enter time against a project and submit these entries for reporting, approvals and billing. Once approved, time entries cannot be edited, for better control. Generate advanced time reports based on numerous criteria and filters to quantify time usage across your organization.

Accurately tracking real-time project profitability means being able to relate the original sales information (quote/sales order) with the actual project delivery information for services, equipment and support and then being able to track any changes throughout the life cycle of the project. If this information is in different systems, it becomes a very manual, time consuming process to gather, track and compare project information in order to determine current project profitability.

  • Real time collaboration with the team
  • Effective communication with internal and external team
  • Optimum allocation of resource
  • Effective control on budget
  • Evidence based decision making
  • Centralized platform provide you 360 degree visibility
  • Affordable, quick and easy to upgrade
  • Enter and track time issues using a simple timesheets interface
  • Enter and track an effectively unlimited projects, tasks, and customers
  • Access all your projects anywhere and anytime using a simple web browser in a secure way
  • Start entering time with just a few clicks, no training required
  • Reduce costs by minimizing the time it takes to complete timesheets! Our intuitive and flexible interface is filled with easy-to-use features such as drop down to make entering time a breeze

Many more…